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2020 - The Year In Pop

When QsNewz first launched waaaay back in 2010, one of the first blog entries on the homepage was a post about year end mashups. Now that the site is relaunching with a completely new design in 2021, it seems only fitting that I continue that tradition.

In a year marked by so much tragedy and hardship, it was a surprisingly good year for music and further proof that a good beat and an irresistible sing-a-long hook can get you through the darkest of days. I look forward to these end of the year mashups though it's been a rough few years for some of my former faves (Pop Danthology moved on and DJ Earworm is still to "highbrow" nowadays) so I was feeling kinda "meh" about the

Surprisingly AndyWu, whose past mashups I've heard but never really declared my fave, came through with an epic year aural/visual production. A surprisingly emotional journey due to Andy's masterful sequencing, his 2020 Golden Mess mix is impressive for its nods to social moments from the year (BLM) as well as its positioning itself as a global pop (Twice! Bad Bunny! Wonho! Little Mix!) medley rather than a run through of U.S. radio hits. Ugh... and even as some one who isn't a fan, the Juice Wrld nods had me in my feelings.

Not sure if anyone is gonna out mash Andy's year in review entry, but watch this space just in case. In the meantime, get ready to dance, cry, and ponder life as part of a year that was indeed a hot Golden A$$ Mess!

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