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DAVII - "Jamie Cullum" (Video)

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

There was a time when new releases would slow down during the holiday season allowing everyone the time they needed to bump their favorite Christmas songs non-stop, but nowadays? --- I gotta make a point to fit my jingle jams in between the steady drops of singles and whole a$$ albums demanding my attention!

I wasn't previously familiar with DAVII and I only knew of Jamie Cullum from his piano lounge version of Ri's "Don't Stop The Music" so I didn't know what to expect. Surprisingly, "Jamie Cullum" the song is as much an homage to Cullum's pop jazz leanings as it is to 90s era Digable Planets hip hop. As with most K-pop videos, the visuals are on point with DAVII, in his best euroclub suit drip, wandering through several impeccable sets (shoutout to the art director) amidst a sprinkling of broken glass and artistically placed fake blood. The dark imagery/styling makes me think of what fellow ivory-tickling K-idol Henry would rock if he wanted to go less "boy next door" and more "Hot Topic pimp".

Check out the song below and decide for yourself if it's a bop or a drop.

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