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Jack Harlow featuring Big Sean - "Way Out" (Video)

I will admit that I was a bit late to the Jack Harlow party but I was on time enough to be ready for when he finally dropped That's What They All Say --- an impressive debut with enough bumpable tracks to carry him well in to next year.

While "Way Out" isn't my favorite track on the album --- that distinction goes to the song destined to feature Drake on the remix, "Delta/21C" --- it's definitely a highlight and I'm glad that they're pushing it as a single hard enough to also shoot a video for it. Jack and his homies get in on the Mannequin Challenge a few years too late as they post up at a swanky restaurant while Big Sean delivers his verse from the a bar while flexing the current love he has for the gym and baby oil. The two eventually meet up at a Magic City-sponsored carousel and deliver the rest of the song in a sea of neon lights and a sampling of various booty cheeks.

Get all up in the video below and if you need a break from trap beats and slurred verses, give the album a listen as well!

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