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5 Faves - Sneakers 2020

It was The Year of The 'Rona so opportunities to stunt on these hoes wit yo kicks have been limited to supermarket runs or a brief flex at the gas pump, but it was a pretty good year for sneaker releases ---- though not so good if you actually wanted to cop them. I'll save my "get offa my lawn" rant about resellers, bots, and the current joyless state of sneaker "culture" for another day and instead focus on some of the notable drops of the year --- not a comprehensive list, but rather a snapshot of a few that made me "oooh".


I absolutely was not feeling this sneaker at first, but it definitely grew on me. An obvious nod to Ben & Jerry's ice cream (duh), this dunk release really stood out due to the details (melting swoosh! cow print!), unique packaging and a clever name for the shoe.


These might not be for the ones that go so hard for Jordan 1s, but the Space Hippie line was unique in that all of the materials used were factory discards so if you rock these and someone says they're trash, you can just hit em with a "...and that's on literally!"


The Travis Scott x Nike collabs don't really do anything for me but I made an exception for the TS Dunk. From the plaid/bandana print and rope laces to they earthy colors featured throughout, this release one of those times I begrudgingly got on the hype train.

Nike Air Max 90 Dia De Los Muertos

These were love at first sight so of course the Air Max Dia De Los Muertos ("Day of The Dead") was not going to be released in the U.S. Still hoping I can cop these beauties for retail.

Air Jordan 4 Sashiko

Like the Air Max above, this one was not a U.S. release so getting my hands on a pair will be a challenge. The denim, the patterns, the details... it's all a "yes, please" for me. Anybody in Japan wanna hook a brotha up?

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