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Yemi Alade featuring Rudeboy - "Deceive" (Video)

Here we are in the final days of the year and STILL... artists are out here dropping new ish and doubling down on their efforts to limit how many times I can blast "All I Want For Christmas Is You" while it's still seasonally appropriate. Rude.

I did a write-up on Yemi Alade on the O.G. QsNewz site last year so I was kinda hyped to see that Miss Yemi has new music that requires my attention. Her new video is a bit of Coming To America Zamunda glam and Iyanla Fix My Life with a helping of 90s Kelly Price R&B video melodrama so yeah, I am completely here!

The song and the visuals are an upbeat and comedic take on the often told tale of the scorned woman and her cheatin a$$ man, played here time by fellow Nigerian superstar and duet partner Rudeboy. I love the scenes of them with African Iyanla and no relationship in turmoil would be complete in this social media age without the whole 'hood being all in y'alls business.

Sample the video below and I'm also including "Yaji" cuz that was the song that put me on to Yemi... and it still knocks!

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