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From Cape Town to Osaka, Q has taken his unique approach to dance education around the world. Communication is never a barrier when we all speak the language of dance!


Settle into your front row seat and watch past workshop tour highlights below.

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Q's Japan tours are always a whirlwind of classes, video projects and reconnecting with dance family in various cities/towns. "The commitment and respect Japanese students tend to have for the artform always leaves me more inspired than when I arrived!", Q said after his most recent trip.


A tour with stops in several cities, the South Africa workshops were just as much an educational experience for Q as they were for the students.  Neighborhood walk-throughs, a zoo visit, postcard worthy scenery and discussions about the SA dance scene are just a few highlights from this vlog-before-it-was-called-that series.

SA Journal - Episode 1
SA Journal - Episode 2
SA Journal - Episode 3
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